28 October 2009

Shopping Cart Takes Out Recycling

Shopping carts and Boston denizens across the city are in love with the new, large "carts" distributed by the City for recycling. The new carts are being distributed throughout the city of Boston over the Fall, Winter, and Spring...free of charge.

In addition, recycling throughout Boston is now single stream for a wide array of materials. Urban Mechanic has re-deployed one of his small recycling boxes to indoor duties (transferring recycling as it builds...very geeky). More important the weekly payload of garbage has reduced from one bag to about a half a bag (for his residence of two plus a cat).

Find out more about recycling in Boston by clicking here

A note for transparency. Urban Mechanic does not arrange, pose, or abscond with bascarts. The bascarts chronicled and photographed here are only done so as found objects. Further, only bascarts found outside of their normal environments (i.e. stores or store parking lots), are chronicled. Submissions are gladly accepted and will be credited. Just think to yourself, what is that bascart up to?

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