29 October 2009

Cooking at Home

One of the real joys of city living (so Urban Mechanic believes) is food shopping at various places around town...

...and the equal joy of taking it home (most of it) and putting together a fantastic dinner. This evening's meal featured a fresh basil and tomato sauce over Gemelli pasta topped with shavings of aged Pecorino Cheese (From Back Bay Shaw's). Accompanying this hearty dish was a tomato and cucumber salad with fresh mozzarella (from the Pru's Farmer's Market) soaked (not drizzled) with an aged balsamic vinaigrette.

The meal went exceptionally well with a San Angelo Pinot Grigio (2008) from Castello Banfi Montalcino (Italy). Props are in order to the kindly folks at Liquor Land (across from Victoria's and next to the Hen House on Mass Ave) for the "Fright Night Wine Tasting" that landed this one in the cart!

Save any room for something sweet?  Hot chocolate seemed only appropriate on this crisp autumn evening. After nibbling on a delightful  Madagascar "Purist Bar" from Hotel Chocolat (previously discussed on this blog), the remains of the bar were melted and blended with Vodka, Coffee Liquor, and steamed milk...

...and of course topped with fluffy froth for effect.

For tomorrow...maybe some butter curry chicken over Basmatti rice cooked in coconut milk and paired with a Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc (2008) from Concha Y Toro (Chile)...

...maybe a warm chocolate cake (another visit to Hotel Chocolat perhaps) topped with brandied cherries?

o a few errands to run tomorrow; and for good measure.  All of the walking keeps the Urban Mechanic from weighing as much as he eats.

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