28 August 2009

Boston Neighborhood Takes A Bow

Mission Hill, one of Boston's most diverse communities takess a bow this weekend as it's famed Mission Church and Basilica of our Lady of Perpetual Help (pictured) hosts a funeral mass for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. While Massachusetts and arguably much of the nation mourns Kennedy's passing, Mission Hill has been granted an opportunity to not only honour him, but also strike out a new image locally and nationally.

After decades of often tumltuos change, the community today truly represents a crossroads for Boston's diverse population of young and old, student and lifelong resident, rich and poor, and ethnicities from across the globe. The neighborhood's assets, which include a stunning geography and landscape including parts of the emerald necklace, urban wilds, tree-lined streets, playgrounds and eclectic architecture to match.

Mission Hill is home to a substantial portion of the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (home to Harvard Med and dozens of hospitals, research labs colleges and other institutions), but also boasts numerous grassroots and citywide agencies and community anchors and a resurgent community business district.

As Peter Schworm from the Boston Globe acutely points out, the community brand over the past decades has been one also of strife, change, and transition. However, those who love Mission Hill know it's quality and character to hold much, much more. It seems that thanks can be given to Ted for understanding likewise.

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