30 August 2009

Flowers make a difference!

What's right with this picture?

Flowers, lot's and lot's of well-placed, well-managed flowers. Also, you'll notice a well-kept side-walk, and clean/uncluttered windows. Those three simple things make a difference. In fact, Main Street experts will tell you that keeping up with these three things alone can boost a business' bottom line by 10%. Don't believe me? Ask Marianna Hayes, the guru of downtown and small business coaching will set you straight.

One might also note in this photo a well-maintained facade that includes a classy paint job and appropriately fitting awning. These may all be hallmarks of a hardworking business owner and downtown improvement district, in this case the Canton Development Partnership. However, whatever resources there are (a chamber of commerce, a Main Street organization, or a band of vigilant merchants) if your business (and downtown) doesn't have this look and feel (by this I don't necessarily mean old-timey) then you should get to without any doubt or debate.

Some things to keep in mind.
Do not attempt to do this on the cheap! It is worse than having nothing at all.Use quality (and durable) plants and planters. Water and maintain!

Keep the sidewalks clean no matter what...

...and de-clutter and shine those windows! No hodge-podge of cigarette adds, menus, and posters! Vigilance, vigilance, vigilance.

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