15 September 2009

The Pear in the Square

Public art in Boston sometimes can feel a bit understated or just plain lacking...

...especially when you consider places like Chicago, with its Millennium Park filled to the brim with sculptural, architectural, landscape, and even digital installations.

The bronze sculpture of Clapp Pear at Edward Everett Square offers up a classy exception to this rule. Though some may feel it too is understated, I find it a perfect punctuation mark for what is an interesting, if yet unrefined part of town. If anything, it offers a glimmer of the potential for the square as a more urban (and therefore less auto-centered) place.

Those who are interested in such notions might take an interest in the local Main Street organization based in nearby Uphams Corner. If you enjoy public art and haven't visited the Pear, it is highly recommended (especially while the weather is mild). It's a short walk up Columbia Road from the JFK Red Line stop (See it on the Map). You can also take in some local dinning with the always enjoyable Restaurant Laura and hip 224 Boston both close by.

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